Robotic Knee Surgery System

Meet the NAVIO Surgical System, a robotic knee surgery platform at Ahmedabad, Gujarat that adds an extra layer of pre-surgical planning and improved accuracy for partial and total knee replacement procedures.

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Robotic Knee Surgery Partial

Partial Knee Replacement with the Robotic Knee Replacement System

For people suffering from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, whose damage is limited to a single compartment or area of the knee, partial knee replacement may be an option because it preserves healthy bone and ligaments while replacing the damaged area.1, 2┬áThe NAVIO Surgical System at Ahmedabad, Gujarat uses robotic knee surgery system to help tailor partial knee replacement procedures to the unique shape and motion of each patient’s knee anatomy.

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Robotic Knee Surgery Total

More than 600,000 total knee replacement procedures are performed each year in the U.S. and more than 90% of these patients experience a dramatic relief in knee pain and are better able to perform common activities. The Robotic Knee Surgery System delivers robotics-assisted tools designed to help tailor your knee replacement surgery to the unique shape and motion of your knee.

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Advantages Of Robotic Knee Replacement

Less Blood Loss

Less Cuts, Less Blood Loss

Less Hospital Stay

Discharge within 48 hours

Rapid Recovery

Recovery after surgery is faster

High Accuracy

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Preserve Ligaments & Knee Caps

Preserve tissues,ligaments,knee caps

Less Medication after surgery

Less Medicines less Painkillers

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