Director of Joint Replacement Department


 Shyamal Cross Roads, Satellite,

Ahmedabad – 380051, GUJARAT, INDIA.

Phone: +91-79-40219999, Fax: +91-79-40219998

E-Mali ID:drdimpleparekh@gmail.com




  • Honorary Joint Replacement Surgeon
  • S.Hospital- KEM School of Post Graduate, Ahmedabad
  • Jivraj Mehta Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad.



Indian Society of Hip and knee Surgeon


 Brief Profile of Dr. D.R.Parekh


Specialize in Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery

And as well as Revision Surgery

          Dr. D.R.Parekh is practicing as a super-Specialty Orthopedic Surgeon at Parekhs Hospital – Ahmedabad and Hon. Joint–Replacement surgeon at V.S.Hospital– Ahmedabad. He did his graduation and Post–graduation from NHL medical college (V.S.Hospital–Ahmedabad)


After that, he took extensive training in the field of Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery with Prof. Dr.K.T.Dholakia in Bombay Hospital–Mumbai. He went to world renowned centers of joint replacement.


  1. G.Unfalklinik-Germany      2. University of Michigan – USA
  2. University of Chicago – USA       4. University of Western Ontario – USA


Achieving excellence in his work is a mission, in his practice of Arthroplasty. This would be manifested by his mastery in following procedures.

  • Designer in tumour prosthesis.
  • Pioneer in Surface Replacement Surgery in Gujarat.
  • Developed Sub-vastus approach in TKR.
  • Developed new concept in TKR pain free and exercise free.
  • Pioneer in computer assisted hip and knee replacement surgery.
  • Pioneer in patient specific jig in western India.
  • Pioneer in dual mobility hip replacement surgery in Gujarat.
  • Pioneer in Robotic Joint Replacement surgery in India.




NAME                        :      Dr. D.R. Parekh

Date of Birth              :      9th February 1971

Sex                              :      Male

Nationality                 :      Indian

Address                      :      ParekhsHospital

Near JivrajOverBridge, ‘132’ feet Ring Road

Shyamal Cross Roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad 380 051

E-Mail ID                   :      drdimpleparekh@gmail.com.


Website                       :     www.parekhshospital.com.



  • MBBS, N.H.L. Medical College, Ahmedabad, INDIA
  • M.S. (Ortho), K.E.M. School of Post Graduate, Ahmedabad, INDIA



  • Gold Medal for the highest marks in the subject of Medicine
  • Best Outgoing Student from H.L.MedicalCollege, Ahmedabad, India
  • Best paper presentation in 53rd GIMACON -2001 at Rajkot.

2006     Computer assisted Knee Replacement Surgery.

2007     Developed tumour prosthesis for bone cancer.

2009    Running six month fellowship in joint replacement surgery, four fellowship in a year.

2010     Computer assisted Hip Replacement Surgeon.

2011    Developed new approach in TKR pain free and exercise free.

2012    Secretary of Indian society of Hip and Knee Surgeon.

2014     Treasurer of Indian Society of Hip & Knee Surgeon

2017     Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon



  • ’00 to Dec. ’00 Visiting Fellow at University of Western Ontario, CANADA.
  • ’00 to Aug.’00   Visiting Fellow at University of Chicago, U.S.A.
  • ’00 to Jun. ’00 Visiting Fellow at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.
  • ’00 to Apr. ’00 Visiting Fellow at University of Tubingen, GERMANY.
  • ’99 to Jan. ’00  Clinical Assistant to Dr.K.T.Dholakia, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA.
  • Feb. ’98 to Dec.’98  Assistant Orthopaedic Surgeon with Dr.Vikram I. Shah at

ShalbyOrthopaedic Hospital, Ahmedabad, INDIA.

  • Feb. ’97 to Jan. ’98  Senior Registrarship under Dr.K.T.Dholakia at Bombay

Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Jan.  ’94 to Jan.’97  Resident Doctor, Department of Orthopedics,

Sheth V.S. General Hospital, Ahmedabad, INDIA.

  • Jan.  ’93 to Dec.’93 Intern-Post MBBS Clinical Training, INDIA.



  • 2004 Development of Tumour Prosthesis at GCRI – Ahmedabad, INDIA.
  • 2000 Thigh and shin pain following stem type Total Knee Replacements -72 cases             (under guidance of Dr.R.B.Bourne) – University of WesternOntario, CANADA
  • 1996 Comparative study between simple nail and interlocking nail in fractures of long       bones -80 cases. (under guidance of Dr.R.N.Naik)-Gujarat University, INDIA.



  • Teaching Under graduate as well as Post Graduate Students of Gujarat University  at

K.E.M.School of Post Graduate at V.S.Hospital.

  • Running Six month Joint Replacement fellowship Programme, four fellow per year at

Parekhs Hospital.



  • Performed more than 20,000  Joint Replacement Surgeries
  • At present performing around 1300 Joint Replacement Surgeries in a year
  • Pioneer of Surface Replacement Surgeries in state of Gujarat
  • Pioneer of ‘The Computer Assisted’ Joint Replacement Surgeries in Gujarat
  • Pioneer of “ Robotic Joint Replacement”  in India



  • SRH 2005 – National Conference on Surface Replacement of Hip at Ahmedabad
  • 2007 – National Conference on Computer assisted Knee Replacement Surgery.
  • ISHKS 2011 – National Conference of Indian society of Hip and Knee surgeon.




  • April ’17 : Performed Live Computer assisted TKR Surgery in JSKC 2017 Jaipur –India
  • April’17 : Faculty in ISHKS 2017 – Delhi, India
  • March’17 :Performed live surgery: Revision TKR, Ahmedabad-India
  • Feb’17 : Performed live surgery in GOACON 2017 Jamnagar India
  • Jan’17 : Faculty ROSACON 2017 Jodhpur- India
  • Oct’16 : Faculty in IMA Gujarat state branch Rajkot-India
  • Feb’16: Faculty in GOACON 2016 Vadodara-India
  • Nov’15 : Faculty in advance Technoclass legion Revision TKR, Ahmedabad, India
  • April’15 : Faculty in ISHKS 2015 Mumbai- India
  • Sep’14 : Faculty in CME Hip Arthroplasty AIMS, Jodhpur, India
  • April’14 : Faculty in ISHKS 2014 Pune- India
  • Feb’14 : Faculty in workshop on “Basics in TKR” GOACON 2014- Ahmedabad- India
  • Jan’14 : Professional services to CHB Dar-es-salam- Tanzania
  • Sep’13 : Presented: Advance in Joint Replacement Surgery- Madagascar
  • Jan’13 –Organized Winter-Meet 13 demostratedLive surgery using Ceramic Joint in knee.
  • Feb ’12 – Live Surgery demonstration Ajmer Rajasthan.
  • Jan’12 – Arthoplasty workshop – ROSACON.
  • Oct ’11 – Cadaver workshop of  hip – Ahmedabad.
  • April ’11 – ISHKS Bangalore India.
  • Jan ’10 – ROSACON Jaipur.
  • Aug’09 – Delhi Basic Arthoplasty.
  • Feb ’09 – Rosacon Experience on surface Replacement, Bhilwada, Rajasthan.
  • April’08 – Video presentation of uncemented THR –ISHKS-Chennai.
  • Feb.  ’08 – Preoperative planning in THR-ROC-Delhi.
  • Dec.  ’07 – IOACON – Calcutta.
  • Sept. ’07 – Lecture Computer Assisted T.H.R. TOA 2007 – Madurai.
  • Dec.  ’06 speaker on How Do I Do My 1st TKR, IOACON 2006. –Delhi.
  • Aug.  ’06 Chennai – Ahmedabad experience of Surface Replacement of Hip.
  • Dec.  ’06 NGOA 2006 meet How I Do Surface Replacement in Mumbai.
  • Aug’05 – Femoral Fracture in T.H.R.  APAS 2005 – Goa.
  • Indication &Templating of SRH.
  • Complications of SRH in SRH 2005 Ahmedabad.
  • Mar. ’01 Guest Lecture on, “Exposure Options in T.K.A.” in Total Knee Symposium and Workshop at Mt. Abu.
  • Oct.  ’02 Guest Lecture on, “Difficult hips in T.H.R.” and Primary Uncemented THR How I do It? in Joint replacement Symposium at Mt. Abu.
  • Nov’ 03 “Management of arthritis” in GIMACON 2003 Ahmedabad



  • July’13- Faculty at Cadaver Workshop at NHL Medical college “Basic Hip Arthroplasty”.
  • ’11 – Cadaver workshop Bangkok.
  • ’10 – Never Stop Moving Malaysia
  • ’10 – APAS Delhi.
  • ’10 – Current Concepts in joint replacement surgery, LasVegas – U.S.A.
  • ’09 – KNA Advances in joint replacement surgery, KENYA.
  • ’08 – Kota Kinabalu – APAS – MALAYSIA – Bearing Surface in Hip Joint
  • ’07 – Asia – Pacific Knee Symposium. Macau – CHINA.
  • ’06 Guest Lecture on, “Orthopaedic Implants” APAS 2006, BANGKOK.
  • ’03 5th Annual Conference APAS KUALALUMPUR – MALAYSIA.



  1. 2007 “GOACON 2007” paper presentation on Subvastus approach for TKR.
  2. 2006: GOACON 2006” paper presentation on early experience in Surface Replacement of Hip.
  3. Case presentation on Total Femur Replacement in Osteosarcoma of Femur.
  4. “GOACON 2005 Rajkot” paper presentation in development of tumour prosthesis.
  5. Received Gold Medal for paper presentation”Experience of 3 years in Total Knee Replacement” in FPA conference – Rajkot.
  6. Feb’04 “ T.K.R. in severe deformity” 24th annual conference GOACON DIU, GUJARAT.
  7. Experience of my first 75 cases in T.K.R in 20th Annual Conference of Gujarat OrthopedicAssociation at Ahmedabad.
  8. “Total Joint Replacement in New Millenium” in 53rd GIMACON – 2001 at RAJKOT.
  9. “Results of Revision Arthroplasty in Hip” in 14th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association at Nasik.
  10. “Controlled Portable Traction” and “Different Modalities in treatment of CTEV Deformity of foot” in 15th Annual Conference of Gujarat Orthopaedic Association at Rajkot.



  • “Is Hybrid Fixation In Revision Total Knee Replacement a Gold Standard?” in 26th

Annual, Conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association, at Ahmedabad.